Feeling Nostalgic?

Take a look at our past.







In order to serve our customers over the many years since we opened our doors for business

we have maintained an approach which we believe we have captured in the wording of our new branding; Innovate, Create and Deliver. We are confident that with such principles OUR customers can benefit and grow from partnering with us.

There have been many changes over the years, so holding onto principles that have served our customers well have seen MSO grow into the packaging solutions provider of choice for many market sectors.

The modern era may be ever more challenging for business,

and MSO has had to adapt and innovate in order to meet these challenges with our customers. However, in reviewing documents from our past, an early motto stated “Etiam in minimus optimus studemus” - we take care of the littlest or smallest things! We strongly believe that taking care of detail is even more relevant

in today’s challenging business environment than it was in 1876.

At MSO we understand the importance and impact that packaging, design and production will have in our customers offering to their market. The changes have been significant both inside MSO and in our customers’ demands for a leading edge.

In order to meet this challenge MSO have been making changes, so to those who have known us previously we would say:

Think you know MSO?...

Think again!

And to those who are visiting MSO for the first time, Welcome!